Giuliano Cucco (1929-2006) was an accomplished, versatile artist who has remained little known even in his native Italy. This may be because he was so carried away by his own creativity that he never got around to, or had the patience for, promoting himself. In addition to his large archive of oil paintings, Cucco mastered photography, sculpture, collages, poetry and pastels. He drew satirical cartoons of the clergy, while making evocative pen and ink drawings of the Gospels.

Studies in art: - In Paris: Accademia des arts modernes 1949/50, woodcut and illustration.

Free courses at the "Grande Chaumiere" of drawing and painting.

-Rome: Academy of Fine Arts: 1951 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 61 - 62 - free courses in art history and life drawing - nude school

Most important works in commercial art:

1951 - Collaboration with the magazine “Estro”.

1954 - 56: Advertising work for the “Publigamma” studio.

1957 - 58 - 59: Illustration for the programs “RAI and Radiocorriere.

                          Illustrations for the newspaper "Lo Specchio" and "Italia Domani".

1959 - 60 -: London: Contract with the BBC, to study new forms of openings

                          for CIP-ANIMATION programs.

1964 - 66 -: Collaboration with the magazine "Quattro Soldi" (Illustrations, photos,


1964 - 75 -: Collaborations and photographic services with:

                        - German Art Encyclopedia - Kindlers Malerei Lexicon -.

                        - Photographic advertising in "Vogue Italiana"

                        -Photos for Pannunzio's “World”

                        -Advertising for AGIP and ENI

                        -Industrial photographic services for the "Acciaierie Terni" and to

                        "Casaccia" (Atomic Energy)

                        -Advertising and photographic calendars for the Ministry of Agriculture


                        -Illustrations for the magazine "Mondo Operaio"

                      Realization of: Drawings for a great "Gospel of Mark" and for

                                                      Two books about man


 1978 - 2006 -Painting - Sculpture - Drawing

                        - Four personal exhibitions: "Foreign Press",

                          Piazza dell’Orologio Gallery, Studio Via Pais Serra 11,

                          “Arte Idee” Gallery - wooden sculpture objects.

1983 - 84 - Ongoing collaboration with the newspaper "L’Amico del Popolo"

                          of Belluno.

1990 - 91 - 92 - Collaboration with the magazine "Holos" - graphics and stories.

1995 - October - Florence - Church of S. Miniato al Monte: Collective of Painting.


After death, Publication of three children's books by Enchanted lion books New York publishing house:

"Winston & George" in 2014

"Red Spider Hero" in 2015

"Before I Grew UP" in 2021